We sell "COME SPRING" by Ben Ames Williams in print for $24.95

We also sell Williams' "FRATERNITY VILLAGE" in print for $16.00

Both books are available on Kindle for $9.99

Other Union related titles are for sale, too; please check our sales page.

Write or call to order or stop by the Robbins House on Wednesday or Saturday mornings.

(Please call ahead if coming from a distance)

The meetings for May through November will be held at 7:30 PM at the recently restored Old Town House at 128 Town House Rd., up the hill from the Common.

Watch the media for more details on our programs.

Unfortunately we do not have someone to answer the phone later in the day.


Friday evening and Saturday morning: Come Spring Heritage Trail Bus Tour

Saturday afternoon: Seminars on historical topics

Saturday evening: Silent Movie Comedy with piano accompaniment by Doug Protsik

August 2: “Ambiguous Allegiances in Revolutionary Maine: The Importance of Local History”

A focus on historic events at Machias, Falmouth and Castine.

UMO history professor Dr. Liam Riordan

September 6: “1980 Escape from Vietnam to America”

The challenge of assimilating to a new culture.

Presentation by school social worker and martial artist Chuck Nguyen of Warren

October 4: “An Overview of the History of Coinage”

How a paperboy’s fascination with coins led him to a passion for history.

PowerPoint presentation by Brad Hennemuth of Lincolnville


“The Account Books of Levi Morse”

The process of transcribing two account books and what they reveal about life in 1795 Union.

PowerPoint presentation by Society member Wanda Garland of Waldoboro


Mima’s Rocking Chair Comes Home

Union Historical Society has received an exciting gift from Mrs. Nancy Lee Cranmer Mudd, of Pennsylvania,
a direct descendant of Union’s early settlers, Joel Adams and Mima Robbins Adams.  Mrs. Mudd has donated a
small ladder-back rush-seated rocking chair which is known to have belonged to Mima Robbins Adams wife
of Revolutionary War soldier Joel Adams.  The rocker is nearly identical to the ladder-back rush-seated upright
chair belonging to Joel, which was donated in 1993 by Mrs. Mudd’s father, Stephen Cranmer.  Both chairs
are in excellent condition and were treasured by the Cranmer family for generations.

In his 1940 historical novel Come Spring, Ben Ames Williams describes Joel and Mima Adams making a winter
trip to Boston shortly after their marriage, when they made purchases including these chairs.


Image: Nancy Lee Mudd with the two chairs donated by her family to Union Historical Society. 
Mima’s rocking chair is on the left, Joel Adams’ chair is on the right.

Our UHS Booth at the Union Fair

Our 2014 Summer Intern, Hailey Paige, mounted several displays, which we showed at the UHS Fair Booth, both in August 2014

and again in August 2015. She did a colorful "Brief History of Union Common" and three large posters about the Vietnam War,

including an interview with a Union veteran, seen in the image above.

These are now available to see at the Robbins House. Please stop by to enjoy Hailey's fine work.

Booth #1 Booth #2 Booth #1 Molly
        Our viewers continue to enjoy the 21-minute slide show of photographs of Union: "Union, Then and Now” done by the 2013 UHS intern, Molly Parent.  The show was set up again at the Union Fair, where visitors reminisced about places in Union. We are pleased to make this available to anyone wishing to view the photographs. Molly placed the video on You-Tube and you can watch it at your convenience here.

You can watch the presentation in full screen by clicking on the rectangle at the bottom right of the YouTube screen.

Civil War sign

Civil War Collection

The UHS (Union Historical Society) has been collecting records related to the Civil War and the town of Union's involvement in particular. We have created a special page for this purpose. People interested on the subject are invited to visit this page under the "About Union" in the menu at the left.  This is an on-going work. We appreciate additional information and corrections; please share your Union family history with us.

Look for updates on our "Civil War" page - under the "About Union" heading at the left

Books about Union that  you can read for free Online

Available at Goggle Books

Union Past and Present: an illustrated history of the town of Union, Maine, from George Willoughby Fish. This useful concise history of Union with important information about the town since the 1851 writing of John Langdon Sibley's History of the Town of Union - including portraits of notable town businessmen, interesting advertising from area companies, and discussion of the newly constructed Civil War Soldiers Monument.
The Preface: The publishers do not claim this condensed history of the town of Union, Maine, to be a model of perfection, believing it an impossible task to write a complete and accurate history of any town, from a critical standpoint. In this volume, however, the reader will find material which has been carefully compiled from many sources and believed to be trustworthy and reliable. Many extracts have been made from Sibley's History of Union to which credit is hereby given. To many citizens about town the publishers are grateful for numerous favors and extend thanks for the same.
The History of the Town of Union: by John Langdon Sibley, 1851, considered to be one of the best early histories of a Maine town. The book is also for sale by the UHS in a new Larger print edition. Please go to our "Items for Sale" page by clicking on the link in the menu at the left.

Now available at

Horse and Buggy Days, 1950, by Edwards A. Matthews.

This book includes censuses of Union, plus a description of the early homes and businesses of Union and articles about the implements from farm and kitchen which were falling into disuse by the 1950's.
Many local historians have noticed discrepancies, omissions, and errors in some details presented in this book, however it is a slice of history that is important to have recorded and useful to those searching their roots in Union. The Union Historical Society has attempted to make corrections where possible and is willing to share additional information. Contact us at with specific questions about Union's history and it's people.

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