We invite you to visit our building, the Robbins House, on the Common at 343 Common Road, across from Camden National Bank.

Open Sign    The Robbins House is usually open from 9:30 am. to 12:00 noon on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. If coming from a distance, please call 207-785-5444 and leave a message to set a time for someone to assist you. You may also email us to determine availability of the volunteers. You are welcome to visit us and enjoy the displays. Society volunteers will be glad to assist you in your research related to Union history and genealogy.

   There may be additional open hours; look for the "Open" sign at the corner of the building.

References for researchers of the history of Union and its families

*   200 Years in Union by Chester Nash and Patricia Kahn
*   Bridges to the Past by David Shaub and Ruth E. Shaw
*   History of the Town of Union by John Langdon Sibley
     The First Century - Union Fair by Donald and Marion Mattoon
     History of the Methodist Church in Union by Alice Williams
     Horse and Buggy Days by Edwards Matthews
     The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 by William D. Patterson
     Union Past and Present by George W. Fish
     Union VS Disunion by Peter and Cynthia Dalton

** Vital Records of Union by Marlene Groves

   Local Census Registers of Union for various years
   Records for Common Cemetery, East Union Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Sidelinger Cemetery, and Skidmore Cemetery done in 1981 by
      Beniah Harding
   Genealogy files for some Union families
   Old House files for many of Union’s pre-1880 houses that were extant in 2000

     * Available for sale from the UHS, see Items for Sale page
** Available for sale from Picton Press, Rockland, Maine


Union Families

   Many of the founders of the place first known as Taylortown and Sterlingtown are found in the 1940 historical novel Come Spring, by Ben Ames Williams. This town was incorporated in 1786 as Union; that name was chosen due to the “uncommon unanimity of spirit in the town.” The UHS files include genealogical information about these families.

   Our reference books also give information on many of these founding families and their descendants. Many are represented in the UHS membership.

Joel Adams
Ezra Bowen
John Butler
Phinehas Butler
Richard Cummings
Royal Grinnel
Abijah Hawes
Matthias Hawes
Moses Hawes
Elijah Holmes
Samuel Hills
Amariah Mero
Elisha Partridge
Bela Robbins
David Robbins
Ebenezer Robbins
Jessa Robbins
Philip Robbins
Jason Ware
Mason Wheaton

   The UHS holds files on many of these names and their descendants, as well as later residents; in most instances our information covers the time that they lived in Union. Some of our records are extensive; other families are not well represented with information. Our volunteers will endeavor to assist you in your research. We encourage descendants to share their information to increase our files. This will benefit future researchers. Originals should stay with the family; we would be pleased to make copies or photographs, letters and documents pertaining to Union and its people.  The Robbins House (our headquarters) on the Union Common is WIFI equipped allowing you to use your own laptop.

  Visitors are encouraged to come to the Robbins House to use our reference material. Please call 207 785 5444 and leave a message to set a time to visit. Or contact us by email. Please consider joining the UHS to support the work of the Society; you will receive our newsletter three times a year with information about our activities and articles about Union's history.


Union Homes

   The UHS has created an Old House File to document the many fine homes built prior to 1880. When possible we have spoken with those who know about these houses. We have added a modern photograph of the home to the file. If an older image of the structure exists, a copy of that is also in the file.

   We welcome additions to our Old House File – scans of older pictures and information on previous owners or past events at the house. Please contact us with information you have to add to our files. Use the Contact Form to share your memories of the past. This will allow us to assist future researchers seeking information old houses in Union.

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